Shodan Search Queries Explained

Shodan is a powerful search engine that enables users to find specific types of computers connected to the internet using a variety of filters. Shodan search queries can reveal a vast amount of information about devices, including country, hostname, operating system, and vulnerabilities. Learning to construct effective queries is essential for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Shodan Search Queries

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Getting Started with Shodan

To get started with Shodan, you’ll need to create an account on Once registered, you can access the platform from the web interface or by using the API. Familiarize yourself with the syntax and operators that Shodan allows in its search queries to make precise and tailored searches.

20 Shodan Search Queries Explained

Below are 20 Shodan search queries that illustrate the power and versatility of the search engine. Use these examples to understand how you can hunt for specific information in the vast data ocean of the internet.

1. Default Passwords

"default password"

This query searches for devices that are still using default passwords, a common security vulnerability.

2. Specific Product


Locate devices running a specific version of the Apache server.

3. Country Search


Find devices located in the United States.

4. Port Search


Retrieve information on devices with a particular port open, FTP in this example.

5. Webcam Search


Search for webcams connected to the internet.

6. Vulnerable Servers


Find servers with known vulnerabilities.

7. Operating System

"Windows XP"

Search for devices running on the Windows XP operating system.

8. Industrial Control Systems


Identify industrial control systems, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

9. Organizational Search


Find devices owned by a specific organization.

10. Geographic Location


Search devices based on geographic latitude and longitude coordinates.

11. Product Type


Search for all devices using a specific product.

12. City Search

city:"New York"

Focus the search on devices located in a particular city.

13. Service Version


Find services running a specific version number.

14. IoT Devices


Search for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

15. HTTPS Certificate


Discover devices with HTTPS certificates.

16. Telnet Service


Look for devices with an open Telnet service.

17. Bitcoin Nodes


Find nodes related to the Bitcoin network.

18. By Netblock


Search devices within a specific IP range or netblock.

19. Search for Routers


Identify internet-facing routers.

20. Expired SSL Certificates


Find devices with expired SSL certificates, indicating potential security risks.

Conclusive Summary

In conclusion, Shodan search queries are a potent tool for uncovering information about internet-connected devices. By understanding and utilizing the various operators and filters Shodan offers, you can extract targeted data to enhance your cybersecurity research and activities. Remember to use these queries responsibly and ethically.