How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

There must be a lot of occasions where one desires to compose an email but wish to deliver it sometime later. Whether it is a birthday card or some important documents, sometimes we want our mail to be delivered at an exact moment. The situation is more urgent when we want to send the mail to someone living in other part of the world as we may lose track of time and fail to send the mail when it is needed to be.


However, Microsoft Outlook contains a scheduler using which one can schedule emails to be delivered later. But the most popular and the most used email service, i.e. Gmail, does not allow its users to schedule emails for future delivery. But this does not mean that you cannot schedule delivery on emails in Gmail. So today I am going to tell you a method utilizing which you can easily schedule emails in Gmail.

Schedule emails in Gmail

Here we are going to make use of Google sheets in order to schedule your emails. But before beginning you must compose all the mails that you desire to send later and after that you also need to mention the time as well as the date of sending these messages. Basically there is a feature known as Google Script that facilitates sending of mails at desired time. Follow the steps that are given below to schedule you Gmail mails.

Step 1: Open Gmail and compose the messages that you want to be delivered later. You can also add attachments to it if you wish to.

Gmail Scheduler

Schedule Emails in Gmail

Step 2: Write the name of the recipient in the TO box.

Step 3: Click on the link given below in order to get a copy of Gmail Scheduler in your Google Drive. Make sure you change the time zone of the sheet to your own.

Step 4: Now open this sheet and then click on Authorize present in the scheduler menu. Grant all the permissions that are asked. You also need to relax as all of your data could not be accessed by anyone else.

Authorize Schedule Emails in Gmail

Step 5: Now select the option Gmail Scheduler and then Fetch Messages which will allow you to import all the messages saved in drafts to your Google Sheet.

Step 6: Now you need to mention the time and date of delivery of messages in the D column. You can also make use of the date picker for entering time and date.

Step 7: Now open Gmail Scheduler and then select Schedule Messages. After that run the Gmail Scheduler.

Now everything is complete and you can sit back and relax. All the messages in the sheet will automatically be delivered at the time and date that you have mentioned for each and every single mail in the sheet.