Hosting Node.js Apps Using PaaS Solutions

Have you built a great Node.js app and contended with how your app has shaped up? Well, then it’s time to make the app available for public. Put it simply, you need to hosting Node.js application. Fortunately, there are several hosting solutions available online that helps to host Node.js apps in the most convenient manner possible.

This post is intended to provide you with the knowledge of some of the best Pass solutions you can choose for hosting Node.js application. But, before that let’s first understand why you require a hosting solution for Node.js apps.

Reasons Justifying Using PaaS for Hosting NodeJS Apps

PaaS (or Platform As A Service) – is a proven cloud computing model – that helps to build, manage and run web applications in the cloud. Let us now look at the two main reasons why PaaS is being adopted for hosting apps built using NodeJS:

1. Since Node.js applications cannot run on a shared hosting system, it becomes quite difficult for web hosting companies to host a Node.js app. But thanks to PaaS solutions, you can run NodeJS apps on a shared web host.

2. Unlike a cloud hosting, dedicated server or any other hosting solution, you don’t require a hefty budget for hosting  Node.js app by choosing an appropriate PaaS solution. So, if you’re looking for an affordable solution for hosting, then a PaaS solution best fit your needs.

Best PaaS Solutions to Host NodeJS Apps

You can host NodeJS applications easily and effectively using various PaaS solutions, such as:

OpenShift is an open-source hosting platform by Red Hat – that helps to host Node.js apps and several other types of apps (like Java-based applications, PHP apps, Jenkins apps, etc.) – in the cloud. What’s more? It automates the process of managing and scaling the app, so as to help you pay attention to app development and creativity. The best part is that, you can host up to 3 apps without paying any fee, however, you’ll have to sign-up in the OpenShift community. Apart from this, the platform offers two different plans for hosting applications: Bronze and Silver plans.


Digital Ocean
Want to host your application using the fastest and most convenient cloud technology? In that case, Digital Ocean best fit your needs. It enables to deploy an app on the SSD Cloud Server in as little as 55 seconds. In order to host your application, you’ll have to create droplets once you’ve created your account in Digital Ocean. This platform is backed by a wide community that maintains a great collection of guides and tutorials – providing information about how you can configure your app. You can host your NodeJS app, by paying a nominal cost of $5. This platform gives you full control over the server.


This PaaS hosting solution is super easy to setup and let you deploy Node.js apps in the cloud in a few minutes using dependency caching. It even allows the installation of third-party add-ons such as MongoDB, Redis and New Relic, which helps to offer additional tools so that you can focus on building some great applications. You can host your Node.js app for free, simply by signing up with Heroku account.


This is another excellent PaaS cloud-hosting solution primarily designed for deploying Node.js applications with a plethora of features. The platform offers a command line interface (CLI), called “jitsu” to deploy Node.js apps. The CLI is open-source and easy-to-use. Besides this, Nodejitsu platform offers user-friendly tools for app deployment. Additionally, it hosts open-source applications for free. Furthermore, it offers a simple web interface for managing NodeJS apps and gives you the ability to choose a data centre based on your preference.


This Platform As a Service solution offer hosting service packages which starts from $10/month. Once you’ve selected a Linode hosting package, simply choose a data center, called distro for deploying your NodeJS app. It is also  a SSD cloud server having similar features like Digital Ocean platform. Linode offers plenty of features like Backups, NodeBalancers, etc.


Modulus cloud-hosting solution just like Nodejitsu offer a command line tool, namely “modulus” for managing Node.js apps. It comes with a rich suite of features including auto-scaling capabilities, Websockets support, persistent storage and many other features. Most importantly, it offers resources that help to meet any all your demand for handling Node.js applications. For hosting your Node.js app using this platform, you’ll be charged depending on the amount of service you’ll be using.


Let’s Wrap Up!

Hope reading this post will have helped you understand why you need a PaaS hosting solution for your Node.js project. Besides, you will come to learn about 6 robust and preferred PaaS solutions that help to host Node.js applications. Make sure to select a PaaS solution that helps in displaying your apps in the most convenient manner and influential style.


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