How to get Google API Key – Google Maps API Key

Why you need Google API key ?
Google provides API to access their services. In order to use a Google service in your website, you need a API Key.
Google API Console:

List of service provided by Google?
Google Maps , Google Places, Google analytics, Google Drive, Google Books, Google + API, PageSpeed API, Youtube API, ULR Shortenter API, Google Cloud API, Google Android maps API, ..etc

Types of Google API Keys:
a). Browser apps API key
Browser key is used for services like Maps, where the API is used in user browser.
Example: Services with JavaScript ( Google Maps javascript API , URL Shoretener API )

b). Server apps API Key:
Server key is required for apps, where you use google API server-side.
Example: Services with PHP/Java/.NET (URL Shortener ,  Youtube Data API )

c). Authorized API key ( OAuth)
OAuth key is required, where the user authorization is required to access the service using the API.
Example: When you are making application to read mails from Gmail / To store files in Google Drive.

d).  Android API Key
Android key is required for android applications only.
Example: Google maps for android, Google Cloud Messaging.

Why you need to create a project ?
In order to create a API key, first you need to create a Project. A project can have multiple services and multiple API keys.
i.e: With the same API key, you can access multiple services provided by Google.

How to get Google API Key ?
Step1: Go to Google API Console:
Step 2: Create API Project
Step 3: Register Project ID ( Go to Project => Overview Tab)
Step 4: Select Services you want to use ( Go to Project => Services Tab )

For Browser apps API Key : By default, one browser key is created when you select some services. Otherwise (Go to Project => API Access Tab => Create new Browser Key button)
For Server apps API Key : Go to Project => API Access Tab => Create new Server key
For Android apps API Key : Go to Project => API Access Tab => Create new Android key
For OAuth API Key : Go to Project => API Access Tab => Create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID

Check the below video.

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