Create Google Custom Search Engine for a Website

There is no denying the fact that it is chaotic to look for useful and relevant information over the net. There are many cases where one lets oneself loose on search engines like Google search to find admissible and significant clues. The credibility of such information is also important. In the light of such a matter of contention, websites prefer customizing searches on their websites aiding themselves and also the customers to look for and find only limited information which one is actually looking for. Google provides with a facility of such customization of search engines.

Create Google Custom Search Engine

In order to create a custom search engine for a website, companies have a number of dibs. Among these, websites usually chose the following procedure to optimize the search engines so that only relevant information comes up.

Steps to create Google Custom Search engine for a Website

First and foremost, it is required that one navigates to the custom search page on the link found amidst the resources or Google website.


  • Go to : Google Custom Search
  • After this, it is obligatory to sign in to a Google account in case one is not already signed into any such account. For this particular purpose one has a choice to even use one’s Gmail account or an account on Google plus. Considering a rare case of a user not having any kind of Google account, it is requisite that one creates one such account by following the procedures that flash after clicking the “sign up” button.

New Account

  • A button is then required to be clicked, named “new search engine”.

New Search Engine

  • The format “*” is used while entering the domain name in the field named “sites to search” wherein one is needed to replace the name of one’s domain in place of “”. By performing this action one aids encompassing of all the vital Google indexed pages existing on one’s domain.
  • After this, “Create” button is needed to be clicked.


  • In order to optimize the scope of the searches, meaning to limit or expand the scope, it is requisite that one first click on “edit search engine“option followed by “setup” option. It is possible for a user to limit one’s searches to either subdirectories or subdomains of one’s own website or even add content of other relevant websites. Commands included in the section of “sites to search” can be utilized to refine one’s preferences.
  •  To view the URL assigned to one’s Custom Search Engine by Google, one must click on the “public URL” button. This can be used to access or to create shortcuts to the search engine.

Public URL

  • In order to add search engines to one’s website one must click on “get code” option. This can be used by the user to access and materialize custom search engine offline.

By using these simple steps one can Create Google Custom Search Engine for a Website and due to it simplest of structure modification and optimization becomes easy.

Reference: Google

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