Download Torrents on iOS Devices without Jailbreak

It is a well known fact that torrents are the easiest way to share heavy sized files among people all over the world. But at the same time one should not forget that these torrent files are illegal in most of the countries. The world’s most popular brand “Apple” does not favor torrents and thus there is no application present in the Apple app store that facilitates the downloading of torrent files.


However, this does not bring us to a conclusion that torrent files cannot be downloaded on iOS running devices. There are ways by which one can easily download torrents on iOS devices without even jailbreaking them. Here we are going to tell you a method using which you can download torrents on iOS devices without jailbreak.

Using Online Torrent Downloader “Zbigz” to download torrents on iOS Devices without Jailbreak is a website which allows the users from all over the world to download torrent files in zip format. This website converts the torrent files into “.zip” file which could be downloaded by the user directly. You just need to follow the steps given below to download torrents on iOS devices without jailbreak directly.

Step 1: Go to “”. You do not have to sign up on the website as it allows free downloading of torrent files.

zbigz site

Step 2: Now open the iOS browser and then search for the torrent file that you want to download.

zbigz 2

Step 3: Now copy the link of the torrent file, or just upload it on the website “”. And then click on the go button next to it.

Step 4: After that the site will ask whether you are a premium member or a free member. Click on free.

Step 5: After that the file will automatically be compiled and a link for downloading the “.zip” file of the respective torrent will appear on the screen.


Step 6: Click o that link to start downloading of the file.

Thus by following these easy steps you will be able to download torrents on iOS devices without jailbreak and without any kind of problem. Also you need not to worry about anything as the process is totally legal and gets you all the torrent data on your iOS device without even jailbraking it.

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